An Unconventional Loudspeaker system                                 Latest change 2019-01-16

Electronics in the box

In brief:
The electronics in the box consist of the following parts:
- Filter board FLT
- Two Power Amplifier boards TPA
- Power board PWR
- Power supply
- Connector to the Mid-range speaker and the Tweeter.


Panel Outside
Outside View.
We see the Mains Power input and the Neon indicator, the RJ45 connector to the Control Amplifier, 3 indicator Leds, and a 8-pole Speakon connector for the cable to the Midrange compartment. There is a relatively small heatsink, because there is only little heat generated. 
The amplifier panel can easily be detached from the cabinet.

Inside View.   Panel size is 240 x 260 mm.
On top the FLT board, top right the Speakon connector to the Midrange and Tweeter speakers. The cable to the bass speaker goes directly into the cabinet with a very airthight feedtrough.
Below the FLT board the 2 Ohm resistor for the tweeter is visible. (see the description of the FLT board for why this resistor)
In the middle the two TPA Power Amplifier boards, left Bass and right Mid and Tweeter. On the bottom we see the Power Supply and the Power switching board. The powersupply is a brandless unit giving +48 Volt at 7.8 A and +12V at 2 A. As it is an open-frame type I made a safety cover over it.
On several places ferrite beads are inserted to reduce High Frequency emissions.