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Construction of the cones.

The 4 half-cones are each milled out of a pile of MDF squares, glued together.
Below a section of two half-cones together.
The half-cones are held together by a piece of M6 threaded rod and two ringnuts.

Construction drawing.
Note the ringnuts and the channel for the M6 treaded rod which keeps two half-cones together, and horizontally one hole for mounting the cones between the loudspeakers with aluminum rods. There should be 3 such holes, angled 108 - 144 - 108 degrees in the horizontal plane.

The rods shoud be inserted spring-loaded, otherwise the final mounting will be quite tricky.

The pictures below were made during the construction of a smaller version in 2004.

Drilling a chamber for the ringnut.

Glueing the square plates together.

For the milling I happened to have a motorized rotor on which the glued pieces were mounted.
The milling machine was mounted on a construction with linear ball bearings from some drawer cabinet.

milling halfway
Cone milling halfway.

Sanding. Be sure that all cones will have the same diameter.

The halfway finished cones. After this, fine-sanding, varnishing and drying was applied repeatedly.
The tip can be slightly rounded off, because it is prone to be damaged.
It does look a bit like Jupiter isn't it?