An Unconventional Loudspeaker system                                 Latest change 2019-01-22

Listening experiences

My own:
Bass is only heard when it is in the recorded material. Many recordings appear to have not much bass content. Loudspeakers of lower quality tend to produce bass with such material. We call that boom (dutch: boembassen). Boom is completely absent in this system.
Bass lines can be followed easily. With lower quality loudspeakers many bass notes seem to have the same pitch.
The very low frequencies often present in movies and TV-documentaries are very well audible. I do not need shakers under the coach.
Speaking voices sound naturally, without the resonances often heard in lower quality loudspeakers. No sharp "S"-es.
And, of course the transparency in the high frequencies. But I was used to ESL's for many years already.

A professional sound engineer: (recording, PA):
This asks for analytical listening...

A visitor who came to my place to talk about an amplifier design he was working on: (I never met the man before)
- Complete absence of boom.
- Very transparent high frequencies. (Never before he had heard ESL's he told me.....)